How I installed lirc with IR receiver and remote to Volumio

works good, thanks for the description @birca1987!!


I’ve got problem with IR receiver on Cubietruck (Volumio 1.4).
After lirc installation I have following massage :

No valid /etc/lirc/lircd.conf has been found.. Remote control support has been disabled.. Reconfigure LIRC or manually replace /etc/lirc/lircd.conf to enable..

I tried to change lircd.conf file, but no effect. Of course I tried before:

irrecord -n -d /dev/lirc0 ~/lircd.conf

but Cubietruck IR receiver doesn’t see any signals from remote (IR remote - NEC system).

What to do with it?
Does anybody configured lirc on Cubietruck?


I want basic control using IR remont control in WiFi-free volumio
I solder TSOP4838 in I2C and 3,3V as on photo
Is this correct? how to start it in system if on i2C will be two devices?

Is it possible to use on of these to control Volumio 2 on a raspberry pi? Also have a allo reclocker and piano dac connected
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Thanks to your information i managed to install an ener314-ir on my raspberry. See also and userguide at
I use the script to control volumio from lircrc. Tried to play option too, but it takes quite a long time to react, so I used mpc play instead. I use the ir-transmitter to control my Micromega MyAMP. To start spotify connect with your remote, the python Mr Sponti’s python script is very usefull!

Next step would be to get the lirc_web mentioned in running. Would be nice to get the volumio’s volume control the volume of my amp directly and add an extra button to switch it of.
Did anyone try the node-lirc

HI all

Is it possible to use with Tsop4838 IR receiver on top of pHAT DAC? This DAC uses all I2S pins
If yes, then is there any additional configuration required?


I2C != I2S

It may be true, but how does this answer my question?

Sorry, assumed you were mixing up the two given your “This DAC uses all I2S pins” comment.

Either way, IR works with most GPIOs, as it’s just a pulse stream that is read. So it’s just a matter of telling lirc which GPIO you are using by setting the corresponding dt overlay parameters:


Good luck!

First of all, thanks for helping :slight_smile:

I am just wondering if I correctly understand this pinout description below

does it mean that I don’t need to specify gpio_in_pin like you did above? Is my config below ok? There’s no input pin for the receiver :wink:


And by the way: initial post by birca1987 does not contain anything about dtoverlay pin assignment changes, so I wonder how did it work (lirc-rpi default config??)

Thanks again!
(I’ve never did anything like this with RPi, so pls. excuse my ignorance)

I’m using Raspberry Pi3B and Volumio with generic i2s DAC. Accordingly, I set “Hifiberry DAC” as output device, and “Generic I2S DAC” as DAC model. But when I set dtoverlay=gpio-ir,gpio_pin=17 my DAC don’ operate. In Volumio WEB I can not set “Hifiberyy DAC”, because “Hifiberry DAC” disappears, and remain only “Audio Jack” and “HDMI Out”. I see it is imposiible to set two overlays together, Hifiberry dac and gpio-ir. Is it true?

I can confirm after many hours of rabbit-hole googling, the answer is no. It is pretty much the same as my issue with the IR remote over USB HID on the KEF EGG speakers.

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ok, i read it and also have Volumio on a raspberry Pi 4 and i got down to her when trying to get the IR receiver going
Log in with ssh as:
user: pi
password: raspberry

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install lirc
Now we need to configure lirc hardware:
sudo nano /etc/lirc/hardware.conf

and it stopped here

Is there a sheet with better instructions and when it talks about editing this, that throws me off. I have a VS1838B
1 red wire for 3v3/--------red on 3v3 pin 1
2 black wire for ground/ black on ground pin 5
3 white wire for out/------white on GPIO18 pin 6

Thats a pitty, is the same true for the V2 version? Would be awesome to be able to hit next track without starting the app on my phone

Hi, I have option to use IR remote to control Volumio without Lirc.
It is based on Python3 with pigpio and irreceiver.

How to:
sudo apt-get install pigpio python-pigpio python3-pigpio
sudo pip3 install irreceiver
sudo pip3 install typing

Copy python file to home directory (or anywhere you want) of Volumio system, open it in the file editor and set input gpio pin number (line 93), save and run with command:

sudo python3

If script will start without errors, after pushing some buttons on the remote you should see codes, copy them, than edit, "link"sniffed codes to proper command (started form line 66) and save file.

Run again and you can be again in control of Volumio (via remote) :wink:

Link to script

I am new to Raspberry and Volumio.
I made mistake on the first step of learning step, I pressed same button for 80 dots :pensive:. But I cannot redo this step again.
irrecord -n -d /dev/lirc0 ~/lircd.conf
How can I restart the procedure again?
Many thanks!

Not sure but I remember that it doesn’t like ‘half finished’ files. Try deleting it and starting again.

Thanks, but which files should I delete?
I also installed the ir_controller plugin, will it affect the operation?

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Try deleting ~/lircd.conf

Thanks! However, the ir_controller plugin become no response after delete the lircd.conf. Let me reinstall it and test again.