how does wifi router know to display host name vs IP ??

I’m a new volumio user … 2d in now … and pretty darn happy!

Not really volumio issue, but I know there are sharp folks here.

My wifi router seems to sometimes display the host name (volumio) of my RPi, and sometimes the IP on the wireless section.

If I it is wired, both are listed with IPs only.

I don’t have Static IP configured, so I really want to use volumio on my phone for controlling, but sometimes seems to fail looking up DNS to convert to my IP.

I can always use volumio on my laptop.

Is it my router? or something I have configured on my RPi ?

  1. I want volumio to work on my phone’s browser (not IP)
  2. I want volumio to always show up in my wifi router connection section

Many Thanks, … very cool product, great work folks!

It could be either your local device or router. Best solution, for persistent results, would be to setup your router which static DNS naming. The steps to do this, and even the possibility of being able to will depend on your router.

If you want to configure your local devices instead, then again have a quick search on the internet, as each device / OS is going to have it’s own way of doing this (and I only know Linux).

Just a shot in the dark, have you tried volumio.local ? That is the tag that my router seems to use; it’s also an inconsistent, crappy BT thing, sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t :slight_smile:

If you want a bit more help than this, post a few more specific details, it’s definitely possible!