How does Volumio load USB Disc?

Hi guys,

can it be that Volumio loads a second USB Data storage over the first one? Like in my setting, I have connected a big disc with music on it and if I try to copy some songs from an USB stick, I just have the content of my stick in the /mnt/USB folder.
I would like to hard mount my USB disk some were where it’s not get touched, but for that I first have to understand how it get mounted anyway.

Thanks for advise.

i think your askimg how to monunt multiple usb drives.
Im not sure how volumio handles multiple volumes.
However volumio is Linux.
And unlike windows which has the registry. Linux is file based (for all settings). You would probably need to edit your mount points. I’m not sure how you would do it.

Linux can definitely handle multiple Phisical drives but im not sure about volumio
Stack exchange has a pretty good mount tutorial.
How to get volumio to access and display it in the GUI is beyond me.

If you just want to move some music to volumio continue reading.
You could copy them via sftp. (Bitvise SSH client recommended because it has SSH and sftp in one app)
Or mount volumio as a network location.
Or mount the USB directory as a network drive.
For easy access on windows.
To mount as a network location. Go to my computer and use the network location wizzard
Your address is the same one you use to connect to control volumio.
The following address should work with the network location wizard \[ip to volumio]\
The following should work with the mount network drive wizard to mount a specific folder \[ip to volumio][folder name]
The addresses might be forward slashes instead of back slashes so experiment and find out

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