How do you configure Volumio?

Recently, Volumio has turned into a primitive radio for me. This function is the only thing that works without problems. Previously, everything was decided by Youtube. I could find a quality music and listen. It is currently not possible to use Youtube. And the instructions on the forum are so complicated that it is available only to programmers. Today I tried to copy my music to the “Home” folder - Volumio does not find the music.

The question is for you, how do you use Volumio for yourself? Your settings are interesting.

Yes, there is currently a problem with the Youtube plugin.

We can’t help you with that unless you tell us what you are having problems with.

What exactly did you do? “Copying to the “Home” folder” does not give us enough information to help you.

In which folder on the Volumio SD card can copy the music so that Volumio finds it?
The most important service with high-quality and free music is Youtube, isn’t it? What else can replace Youtube for convenience and variety? Accordingly, if there is a problem with this service, then Volumio can be considered useless. Listen to 128 kbps radio? Dismiss

you forgot to add “for me”…

So I want to know how for you