How do I delete my account and details?

I’d like to delete my account and cant find how to do this

From where? From this community or myvolumio?
If myvolumio you can do it from your profile -> edit -> delete account

from this community here

Log in to your account and go to the Preferences page. Click the “Delete My Account” button on the bottom

this is why I’m posting as there is no delete account on the preferences page

Try again :wink:

Problem solved, thank you.

I don’t see any delete account option in preferences.

There is a cut off in the board settings, which doesn’t allow self-deletion of your account after more than 10 posts. I know that your number of posts is a lot more than that :wink:

Not that I wanted to delete my account. Good to know the rules, which are not clear.

I wasn’t aware of it either. I would imagine it is there to improve/maintain the readability of threads.

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