How do I copy the radio-favourites file from one device to another?

I’ve 3 devices running Volumio. I have a big list of favourite Webradios on one and would like to copy this to the other two.

I’ve connected via SSH in Terminal and located the file - data/favourites/radio-favourites

I’m stuck now, I can’t even figure out how to copy the contents of the file to my clipboard let alone copy the file to my local Mac, or to another install of Volumio. In terminal I only seem able to copy what is visible in the screen but the file displays as one very long line. Feeling a bit dumb :roll_eyes:

As you can tell, I’m no linux expert! Locating and opening the file was a major achievement for me.

Could someone kindly guide me through the best way to do this?

  1. ssh to the volumio with the playlists you want to distribute

  2. enter the following commands (enter the volumio password when requested) where xxx is the target volumio:

    cd /data/favourites
    scp * volumio@xxxx.local:/data/favourites

  3. repeat the scp command for each volumio and you’re done


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The was easy, thanks! Sorry for the long delay to respond C19 struck our house and sh*t got crazy. I forgot that I’d asked this question. All recovered thankfully.