How do I change the Router (host) on Volumio

After booting up Volumio in Hotspot Mode, I was able to set up my Home WiFi Roter name and Passphrase and then control it using the Volumio App on my Phone or the Browser on my Laptop. So far so good!

I then yoolk the Raspberry Pi setup to my daughter’s home to show her my new toy but couldn’t find a way to chanhe the WiFi host to her Router network. I resorted to re-loading the MicroSD Card and starting again in Hotspot Mode.

There must be an easier wat to boot back into Hotspot Mode without reloading the Card and I would love to know how.


I think that Hotspot fallback mode is switched off by default. It will need setting to ON.

@Old_Duffer - Thank you for that tip. I would never have found it without your pointer. I hope this thread helps someone els who has the same problem.