How can I get 96/24, instead of 48/24 from Tidal?

Hello Folks,
Below is my current set-up, I have a virtuoso plan and TIDAL MQA subscription. I am getting a 48 KHz / 24 bit output from TIDAL Masters. How can I get 96/24? Please suggest.

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: VERSION: 2.86
Hardware: R-Pi4 (4 GB)
DAC: Khadas Tone Board
Amplifier : Marantz PM 6005


Same problem for me… Tidal Via PI4 to my DAC Max 48/24… if using Audirvana I get free to land over 96

I believe tidal won’t go higher than 48khz not sure where the limit comes from

Hello, you must have a special DAC for full MQA unfolding. In your setup and a subscription for TIDAL only does a first unfolding. MQA files are build up with two stages for max bitrate and depth. use a dragonfly DAC on the USB port direct to the PI. This gives a full unfolding analog output. Than connect to RCA to your amplifier.

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Yeah…got a Dragonfly Black 1.5 lately,will try it, but by Khadas Toneboard (currently deployed) will become useless.