How can I feed back plugins I migrated for myself?

I have migrated two plugins I am using myself to volumio 3. In that process I have also made some small changes so newer versions of downstream packages are used to remove vulnerabilities.

Is there any suggested process on how to feed these back to volumio in the form of a PR or any other way?

PS: You might want to get in touch with @volumio to check that multiple people don’t waste efforts porting the samething!

I hade already checked out that guideline, but wondered how that mapped to what I did. Not a new plugin, but rather a migration and fix. Also I am aware that some plugins are under migration, but which is not visible on the migration status topic.

So basically I want to help and if @volumio starts to migrate the plugins in question, a chunkof the work is already done.

Sorry, if I am missing something about the workflow for Volumio. Just want to help.

Perhaps my response was a bit ambiguous, sorry!

If the plugin is ready for submission you can skip to volumio-plugin-submit

Thanks. For me it was not clear, that this applys even if updating / changing someone elses plugin. I’ll walk through the checklist and steps as described during the next days and submitt it this way.

I agree it is quite confusing. I am not very clear about the process my self, as there (currently) doesn’t seem to be a way for anyone other than the “owner” of a plugin submit it to the store (volumio plugin submit).
As mentioned in Volumio 3 Plugins store issues and discussion - #26 by volumio

When you submit a plugin via volumio plugin submit you become the “owner”. This is different from the “author” of the plugin.

So it would seem what you want to do is currently not very easy to achieve? i.e Make changes/update another author’s work. You could submit a PR, but this doesn’t lead to the plugin being published to the new store unless the “owner” runs volumio plugin submit


For one of the plugins (hue_control) I got in touch with the author and provided a PR. He will now run the volumio plugn submit for that :pray:

For the other (ampswitch) I will turn to the plugin-thread and see, if I can reach the auther there (seems not to be active). Otherwise I might publish it myself.