How can I control Volumio using my Logitech Harmony One remote control?

I have now almost finished building my network player. In my apartment I use a Harmony Ultimate One as a universal remote control. I know there is a remote receiver for Volumio. But how do I get the codes into the remote control? Or can I control Volumio via Bluetooth or WLAN with the help of the remote control? Has anyone tried something like this before? Already experience with it?

With Kodi it was already possible.

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I am using a FLIRC usb with my Harmony set to FLIRC - KODI, works like charm

i use flirc to for the pc to power on/off you can do a lot with it…

I use Flirc with Harmony Remote where you can Play - Pause - Forward - rewind - on/off - but I could not get it to open menus, playlists etc.,

What hardware do you have volumio installed on. ie. raspberry pi, odroid c2? Also does that remote control come with an rf dongle that you could plug into a usb socket?