Hotspot not starting in 2.699

Volumio hotspot not starting in v2.698 running on Raspberry Pi 3B.

It was working in the first version I had (2.692) as I used it to set everything up.

I have just upgraded to 2.699, still not working.

Steps to reproduce:
Network Settings, Hotspot Settings, set Enable Hotspot =On
Check on my laptop to see if Volumio network appears - no

Tried it with Hotspot Fallback both on and off. Also tried changing the default hotspot name and tried a different channel.

The hotspot has been a bone of contention for over a year now, fallback has never worked for me, and many others. Promises have been made to address it but nothing as of yet.

My problem isn’t specifically with fallback, I can’t get the hotspot to work regardless of whether fallback is enabled.