Hotspot and Security

Hi Volumio community,

I like volumio and it’s great. The last update bug was not so nice, but now, i’m on 2.141.

All work fine, but I have problems with the security.

My kids are on the same lan, and I want to protect my Lan from creating a new open Hotspot, if the Kids plays with the settings.
I don’t need WiFi, so I can completly disable the Wifi support.

Is there a way from disable WiFi from the console, so it’s not accessible any more?

Another thing is, that if I add a network share, I can later open the options and read the password.

Can please add password protection to the options, so that my Kids or perhaps a hacker on my net, can use the information from my volumio to go deeper into my network?

Thanks a lot


Erik, from the network settings you can disable both wifi and the hotspot