Host is down refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page ( muont.cifs)

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Mình kết nối Nas tới Volumio bị báo lỗi vậy là sao? (Volumio on Ras PI4)
“Host is down refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page ( muont.cifs)”. Có bạn nào biết chỉ với.

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When you add a remote smb share, you may have to specify which smb version the smb host supports. Currently version 2 or 3 is expected by default, if that does not work, you get the error you showed.
In that case add “vers=1.0” to the “Options” field to solve the issue.
And yes, @Balbuze is right, please stick to the rules and use english.
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Sorry because I don’t speak English. Hope you understand me.
Thank you Gkkpch. Can you guide me to install “Vers = 1.0” ?. My Nas is: Buffalo LS-WXL NAS.
Thank you very much.

Use google translator, that is good enough most of the time😉
As written, in the window where you add the share, go down to the field “Advanced Options” and enter “vers=1.0” (without the quotes) before you press “save”. You do not have to install anything else.
In case the share is there already, use edit to modify the settings or delete it and enter it again.

Can you assist me !.
I have followed the steps as you instructed but still cannot access the NAS.

  • vers = 1.0; …
    I am using PI4 install Volumio version (Raspberry PI) Ver 2.861; Date: 22-12-2020.

I try to install the PC version (X86 / X64) to another laptop and it still goes to my NAS normally and nothing happens.
Can you help me fix the error on Rasberry PI 4? I sincerely thank you.

pls. make a screenshot or photo from your notebooks’s browser with all the settings before you press “save” and create a log afterwards, see the instructions here: Sending logs for troubleshooting - Volumio Documentation