Hiss Noise on raspberry pi zero

Hi everybody,
I try to use my raspberry pi zero to establish my hi-fi system.
However, all of songs I play getting hiss noise in background.
I already use independence power supply and a metal shell. Still get the sound. How should I solve this problem?

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.861
Hardware: raspberry pi zero w


Do you have another DAC to try?

Sorry I don’t have. Can you recommend a pi DAC for me? Thank you.

What type of output do you need?

Speaker Amplifier?

Headphone use the most.
But I still very curiosity about why the noise exist. Do you have any idea about what cause this problem? Like software, raspberry pi dac kernel renew, CPU sound, etc. Plus, noise also exist when I do not play music.

There are plenty of possible root-causes for your issue, both hardware and software.

Could you try to verify if the noise is also present with the latest RaspiOS image?
If yes, it means you have a HW problem, if not it means is something related to Volumio.

regarding the suggestions for a new DAC, please have a look to the following option:

Unfortunately there is not much available with RPi0 form-factor and a good headphone AMP, in the near future I’ll design something based on the BassFly-uHAT design, with headphone and line-out

as promised, a new design is ready. I didn’t trigger production of the first batch yet, but the project has been published on PCBWay and github


Really nice!! With headphone jack?

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Yes, headphone jack and line-out jack

I used a nice codec from NXP, already supported in Volumio with HW volume control

Oh Oh
Very nice~
Thank you~