Hires flac playback

yesterday i’ve made first tests with volumio, but unfortunately it doesn’t work as exspected. All my HiRes flac files are resampled to 48kHz and multichannel files are downmixed to stereo. Playback of all files > 48kHz are crackling and heavy stuttering.
Rapberry Pi 2
HDMI connection to AV revceiver
Playback from NAS

Playback from windows pc/foobar2000/wasapi is working fine! Maybe i am doing something wrong. Could you please help?
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HDMI rate is limited to 48kHz unless you use modified drivers. Have a look here: #p13253
I think that multichannel is not supported at all.
The two archive files can be downloaded here: dropbox.com/s/7kuo9tcdczx5v … 0.zip?dl=0

Hi Stephane,
thanks for reply, unfortunately first link (#p13253) seems to be wrong.

So you’ll have to read the whole thread! :slight_smile: