Hifyberry dac + Dsp can't get it to work

I ordered a HIFIberry Dac+ dsp to implement room correction in the future.

I can’t get it to play sound at all.

I try all hifiberry model in volumio and each time i try to play something i got red warning with this error : failed to open ALSA, Failed to open ALSA device “hw:1,0”: no such file or directory

look like the DAC is not detected at all, fiber port on the DAC is on so i sure the board is powered.



Same here,l tried it a billion times, Volumio finds it sometimes sporadically for a short while, utterly unreliable, seems like we need to find a better alternative.

I have a similar problem. I had recently upgrade from Rpi B+ with hifiberry digi + to Rpi 3B with hifiberry DAC+DSP.

I want to take advantage of the parametric equalizer. I keep getting error and the. I have to remove the plug-in in order to have sound from both RCA and OSs. The hardware volume control is also not working.

Anyone has solution to these issues.



You could perhaps try HiFiBerryOS initially to verify that your hardware works, then try Volumio again: