HiFiBerry vs Musical Fidelity V-DAC mk1 - any thoughts??

Hi Guys,
I own a V-DAC mk1 and it sounds amazing. I finally ordered the much talked about HiFiBerry DAC. Any one have any thoughts on the sound quality or managed to compare it to something like the VDAC MK1 or MK2?

Any input?

If it even sounds " as good" that would still be an excellent result.

I can only compare the hifiberry to the Beresford TC-7520 I have, and it sounds as good, perhaps even better. Look forward to your findings.

Absolutely right there :slight_smile:
V-DAC had cost me something like £175 (still ebays for around £70-80), so I am looking forward to how it compares to the new £30 bad boy on the block.

Personally, I only have ripped CDS and no ‘hi-res’ tracks. So 24/192 is not of that much benefit to me… I would be more interested in the sound quality of the normal file playback.

Waiting patiently :slight_smile:

Btw; Beresford TC-7520 looks nice. Interesting to hear that HIFIBerry is punching into the same realm as the ~£250 dac

Hifiberry sounds great.
Compared to my M1 Dac, the M1 sounds better…better bass, more open - the difference is very very small.
If you compare the price: The Hifiberry is the one you have to go with !

Ps. Actually orderded the new one (spdif output to feed my M1)…waiting… .

I am looking forward to receiving mine :slight_smile:
Nice to know how it compared to M1. Btw, did you do a pre order for the DIGI or is it shipping now? How long did it take for you to receive your HIFIBerry? Is the shipping quite quick?

I’d like to undigg this thread as I am currently unsatisfied with the soundquality of my yet cheap system. Indeed, I thought about buying one of the Musical Fidelity DAC’s (possibly the V90) as they appear to be somehow a safe bank with respect to audio quality. Now the question is, would a Hifiberry do it as well? Or is it worth getting the Hifi-Digi with an optical/coax digital out to plug it to to the Musical Fidelity DAC, thus avoiding the USB-Input.

@dakku and @rost21A:
I would be really happy to see have your impressions from the comparison of the Hifiberry versus the Musical Fidelity V-DAC’s.
Of course, if someone could also compare to the Wolfson Card, that would even broaden the picture.

Thanks a lot!

The HifiBerry-Dac is very good. But the Digi combined with a good Dac is better.
I use mainly the HifiBerry-Digi and connect it with a good coaxial cable with the V90 DAC.
This combination is even better. Especially in the Bass is a little stronger and more precise.
So I’m ultra happy! :wink:

Good Luck!


Thanks rost21A for the answer! It’s highly appreciated!
I am currently considering getting rather the Cubox i 2 instead of the hifidigi. The additional price tag is not so big, taking freight and a new case for the Pi into account. The Cubox in contrast comes readily boxed and with a working optical/SPdif out. Maybe even my existing USB-DAC will produce better sound when being connected to the Cubox as this hopefully doesn’t suffer from the Pi’s USB-bugs. If not, I can still lurk around to get a reduced V90 one day.
I will keep you updated. Thanks a lot for your help!
Best, stereo