Hifiberry Digi+ Pro


I’m using Volumio2 2.348 with a RasPi 3/Hifiberry Digi+ Pro. The Hifiberry Digi+ Pro is connected via Digital Coax Cable to my Marantz SR6010. AVR. This combo has no problems with Stereo Sound, but my 5.1 and DTS musicfiles is only in Stereo for my Marantz.

The Hifiberry Digi+ Pro is able to handele DTS, so is there a way to configure Volumio to play more than 2-Channel?

Thanks a lot

Sorry to resurrect an old thread… I have the same problem with HifiBerry connected to Outlaw 976 via SPDIF. Some of the 5.1 ac3 and dts files from Internet Archive will play in 5.1 if they are 16/44.1. Any higher def only plays in stereo, even though the file is clearly 5.1.