Hifiberry Digi+ not working with new volumio?

Hi all, my Pi2 plus hifiberry digi+ with optical output seemed to work fine in version 1.55 but the new volumio gives a red message saying “could not open audio output” or something like that. Any other experiences?

Did you rebooted after enabling it?

Yes, same problem after reboot

Ok, I seem to have got it working, though I have done briefly previously. Perhaps it is a certain format it doesn’t like, but I will repost if I find the problem again.

Thanks for your help.

Yes please let me know!!

Hi, I have pi3 + Volumio2 + new hifiberry dac+ pro installed.
It does not seem to matter which hifiberry dac I choose and save, the system will not come back up when I reboot. I have reimaged the sd card three times now to try each hifiberry dac option (except digital output) and although Volumio states that the change was made successfully the system will not come back up when I restart it.

Any help greatly appreciated.

for me this works (Pi3, Hifiberry DAC Pro+, Wifi, Volumio2 with newest (test-) version).
But I remarked that after a restart the host mode is active again. So I had to connect to and configure my network settings after reboot.

Hope this helps.

Same problom her. Tried Hifiberry Dac Plus and Hifiberry Amp Plus. Nothing seems to work. Very frustrating.

Where can I download the newest test version?

Same for me, very frustrating, this is a direct trouble :

  • PI2 + DAC+ standard
  • Pi3 + DAC+ pro

Both are not working in airplay at all. The Dac pro seems to work sometimes in DLNA, but very slow to start.
Strange as Volumio was good quality before…

I’m going backward to v1.55…

Best regards

from last trials I did this weekend :

  • Pi 3 doesn’t boot with v1.55. It means Pi3 + Hifiberry+ can’t work with airplay or DLNA at all (as the new v2 doesn’t work as well).


Hi there,

any news or visibility for a new version which will solve the DAC trouble and DLNA/Airplay playback trouble on the v2 ?

Thanks !