HiFiBerry Digi+ not recognized after a shutdown or reboot

I have a problem which I have been trying to solve for some time now without a success. I have a hat HiFiBerry Digi+transformer which when first set up worked fine until I switched the pi off. The next day when switched on I get alsa error (hw:0,0, no such file or directory found bla bla…), changing back to none hat restarting and then back doesn’t work. But when I try another os, player and then put the sd card with volumio back it works. So i am assuming it’s something is saves wrong when another system boots up it clear that up so then with another boot and it works then.Is it Pi eprom? I don’t know, I am a newbie in this so pls help how to solve this as I would like to keep using volumio and paying for it and this hat but it is just frustrating to swap cards /systems to get it work every day. Thanks in advance with you suggestions, help.

Volumio Version: Latest
Hardware: Pi 4 2g
DAC:HiFiBerry Digi+ Transformer