HiFiBerry Digi+ i/o

I’m using a Raspberry 3 B+ running Volumio with a HiFiBerry Digi+ i/o and I’m trying to get the most out of it.
¿Which DAC model should I select from the Audio Settings in Volumio?
The only two options related to the Digi models are HiFi Berry Digi and HiFi Berry Digi+ Pro but is no option for the Digi+ i/o. While the first works fine, the second sounds as if a 33 rpm vinyl is playing at 45 rpm. ¿What is the cause of this pitch effect?

I also have the same setup but cannot get the optical input to work.
There is no option to select the optical input in Volumio.

Can anyone help?

HIfiBERRY DIGI I have the same problem with the input spdif, don’t work!
driver for input not implemented in volumio…


Hi everyone!
I’m already a happy user of a hifiberry digi+ and volumio since 2015 <3

Now I’m wondering if a Digi+ I/O could be supported by Volumio?
The main purpose is to plug a Chromecast directly on the HAT board via toslink.