HifiBerry Digi and FLAC files decoding

Hi Everyone,
I must say I’m very happy to have found Volumio and that it opened me to the world of Hifi. (alas my bank account might not be as pleased as me :slight_smile:

Having an AVR for the moment, I bought a Hifiberry Digi to connect volumio by SPDIF to it and use the Wolfson DAC inside it. After some ssh-ing I managed to have some sound out of it except when playing my FLAC files.

The only thing I can think of is that Volumio is sending the FLAC as-is and my AVR that is not able to play FLAC dont output anything. I need to enable in Volumio preferences the resampling option to make it work.

Isn’t one of the job of Volumio to decode the files and send the data as a generic “digital signal”?

Sorry if I dont use the correct technical termes,