Hifiberry Dac2 Pro is plug and play or plug and Pray?

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.907
Hardware: Rasperry Pi 4 B/2GB
DAC:Hifiberry Dac2 Pro

Newbee here.
I install brand new Volumio on new RP4 and new Hifiberry DAC2 Pro.
Start up is fine everything works great.
I do a Shutdown on Volumio then wait a few minutes and cut power on RP4.

When I restart RP4 cannot connect with volumio and only find volumio.lan when I scan with Net Analyser app.

The driver I choose was Hifiberry Dac.

So what the frack do I do wrong or action not taken.

I hoped it was Plug and Play as I am not a programmer.
It turns out like Plug and Pray…

Please let me know…


instead of dhcp use a static ip so you know your ip . otherwise you could always try 3.xx version
and instead of wifi run it over ethernet (cable) and a other tip use a screen to see what’s happening.

I am using Ethernet cable and was using either phone or pc to connect and control Volumio.

On Raspberry 3 Volumio runs fine without any hat as Dac. And it reconnects fine after a power down.
Problems seems to come from added Dac after powering down.

found your problem :slight_smile:

edit config.txt and insert command.

force_eeprom_read=0 and restart the pi3.

Fantastic I will test tomorrow and update this post.


btw, the 3.xxx is working without modifying /boot/config.txt

Ok, did the tests but still no working solution. Hifiberry Dac2 Pro works fine after a clean OS power up but once power down and the next power up the PI stalls.
Volumio is booting (see green light flashing and at some ppoint green light stays lit and no connection available)

It looks like Volumio is OK but the Ethernet connection is where the problem is.
Will need more tests and eventually compare files from clean boot .

Very weird that a product like the DAC which is about 2 years old and there is no direct and clear solution to solving its bug.


i would try a 3.x version 3.067 there a newer but they run not so good…

Well works fine on MoOde.
Powers up and down.
Also the Dac works.

I would try Volumio with Allo Boss v1.2 and hope it is OK.