Hifiberry dac2+ on PI3+ problem Tidal Connect


I am new to Volumio. But I am having troulbe getting Hifiberry DAC2+ to wotk with Volumio.
I found some similar problems in the forum. I changed the config.txt and set the mixer to Software, got Audio from my lodcal NAS. But I can’t get Tidal connect to play. Tidal Connect shows up in the Tidal interface, get any errors, but the music will not start/play. I have registered my Tidal account in Volumio.

I have downloaded the current image today.

Does Volumio have a support line? It is a fairly expensive subscription if you have 2 device, not none of them works.

Welcome to Volumio!
This is a community forum, for support specifically with myVolumio, email techsupport at volumio dot org!

Good luck!

Hi Tjn,
our developer can have a look at your issue. Would you mind sending a log:

And paste the output here? So we can see what is going on in your setup.