Hifiberry Dac Plus

I loaded Volumio 2 on my Raspberry Pi2, it is equiped with the Hifiberry DAC plus.
After installation it worked one time, after selecting the HIFIberry plus as device output and as DAC, saved it. Cycling the power it worked, but restarting or shutting down properly the output device is back to the Audio Jack. I put the image Volumio1.55PI.img back in, this is working fine.

This is a known bug which has been solved, a new version will be released soon with this fix

That’s gerat to hear… Got the same issue here and did not understand what caused the issue

Have you tested that ?:https://volumio.org/forum/volumio-final-release-very-near-pre-test-needed-t4709.html

Good to know, thank you. I already got used to changing output device after each reboot.
Same kind of persistence problem existed (for me) in early volumio2 builds for the music library, that got lost after a reboot.