hifiberry dac & digi PRO

What’s the status on Volumio 2 supporting hifiberry’s dac PRO and the new digi PRO with their onboard MCLK?

They are not currently supported…

yeah ! that would be great, i am waiting for this, too.

it seems the new hifiberry digi+ pro (and also the dac+ pro) configure automatically via eeprom config when used with kernel 4.4.19 and above.

I’d also be interested in this and happy to help out with any testing if it would help.

Same here - my Digi+ Pro just arrived and I would love to use it for SPDIF out when it is supported by Volumio.

Any update when it will be implemented into Volumio please?

I am looking at upgrading my Pi and getting the new Digi Pro.

Would love to use the SPDIF connection.

Any word on support?

Following up on this older post.

I attempted to try RuneAudio as I had read they support the Digi Pro. However, having my share of troubles trying to get RuneAudio to work.

I really love Volumio and would like to continue using it, but would also like to utilize my new hardware.

What is anticipated timeframe that an updated linux kernel would be implemented for this to be a possibility?