HifiBerry DAC+ and Volumio2 trouble

Hi !

I’ve got a HifiBerry DAC+, Pi B+, Synology DSM6 working so nice for a while with volumio 1.55
I just updated to the lastest package volumio 2 and it doesn’t work anymore : no sound, sometimes control (play stop) is working, sometimes no.

I’ve got no support from Hifiberry… :frowning:
Which setup ?

Please advice :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help

Same problem here. Tried everything but nothing seems to work.

Have you tried with volumio 2.00.41.
I also have problems, but it works…

  • cannot disable volume control
  • mpc unexpected reboot
  • when going from Spotify to NAS control on play is lost, unless currently played song is stopped before switching…

We’ll investigate on volume control
What do you mean with mpc unexpected reboot?
This bug has been fixed yesterday

More information…

I don’t use the web interface to play music, but Airplay or DLNA.
Pi2 with Hifiberry DAC+ standard, Pi3 with Hifiberry Dac+ pro

With v2.041 :

  • airplay doesnt work at all on both cards
  • DLNA control works sometimes (play, stop), but few seconds to start and needs to try few times (play, stop) to play the track.

The web GUI selector for DAC got bugs and strange behavior (sometimes can select an item, sometimes not)

Wish this help

Hello Michelangelo,

I have a very big song library (4TB). Hopefully, I upgraded to Raspberry 3, and it is much faster. Nevertheless, sometimes it is unresponsive, I could not tell when exactly and it appears that mpc restarts after a while. When / if I can give you more detailed information to reproduce the case I can keep you informed if you want.

It took me a long time to build my streamer, and now I am finally putting it into “production”. I have noticed several potential improvements. If you want I can help you that way (I don’t develop anymore - so I unfortunately won’t be able to fix things myself). What would be the most effective way?

Kind Regards,


PS : I would be glad to post picture of my streamer… but I found no appropriate place for that.