Hifiberry coax out?

Hello, i have a raspberry pi 3, with hifiberry digi+'running volumio

With usb thumbdrive with media and a usb connected dac all works well.

But how can i use the optical.out or preferred spdif,coax,out? I am not getting any sound from these outputs?

Solved - i still had to edit the config.txt file it now works

Can you tell us how did you solve it ? So we can integrate in Volumio

sure, happy to. All courtesy goes to the support pages of HifiBerry: support.hifiberry.com/hc/en-us/ … -or-higher

I did the edits probably not in a very efficient way, but I physically took out the SD Card, put it in my pc (windows/mac OS) and opened the config.txt files with a simple text editor. there I made the change, saved, put the SD back in the raspberry, booted, and the hifiberry digi+ appeared in the volumio set up pages for me to select as audio output, after which my coax connection started working.

these are the steps, as described in the link:

remove the line “dtparam=audio=on” from the config file located at: /boot/config.txt
Then I add a new line to the config.txt file, I basically put this new line in the position of the one I deleted, not sure if it matters which line it is.

For Raspberry Pi 1/DAC+ Light/DAC Zero/MiniAmp you add: “dtoverlay=hifiberry-dac”
For DAC+ standard/pro you add: “dtoverlay=hifiberry-dacplus”
For Digi/Digi+ all models you add: “dtoverlay=hifiberry-digi” (this is what I did)
For Amp+ you add dtoverlay=hifiberry-amp

btw, if I may ask a favour in return, I had also entered a post in the forum to ask if volumio supports m3u playlist files. My goal is to load a usb thumb with music files, and a m3u playlist pointing to those files. Ideally I could then in volumio play the playlist, and therefore play the files from the usb thumb in that playlist order. is this possible? is there a site with some documentation?

Bruno, you could have avoided all that by simply enabling i2s dac from the playback options and selecting Hifiberry Digi.

M3U are not supported as of now

ah ok, I did not know that, thx. I thought I2S meant that the audio would be routed to the HDMI cable in the hifiberry (as I though I2S mean either HDMI or the RJ45 network cable) as physical interfaces… so I learnt something new here!

maybe for starters like me, highlighting in the playback options that the I2S needs to be selected for external dac (or whatever the best way to refer to audio expansion board like hifiberry) might help? or maybe the confusion was entirely on my end off course :slight_smile:

and thank you for the other clarification.

PS/ I do confirm I am truly happy with the sound results I’m getting with this setup! So I am now mainly surfing around to get familiar with the steps to solder a lineair power to the hifiberry digi which will then run clear power to both hifiberry and raspberry pi. Currently I’m using a 2amp 5V usb battery, which actualy already runs really smooth as well (10.000Mah capacity)

many thanks again for this great project

I meant hmdi in the raspberry, not hifiberry off course.

No problem, I think that Hifiberry should update their documentation, at least regarding Volumio… :wink:

If you want a good (very low noise\ripple) Power supply, you can take a look at this (it’s not linear, but it achieves very good results)