HiFiBerry + CMUS

Hi all!
I have installed Volumio 2 on my Raspberry Pi2 + HiFiBerry and word very well!

So, i try to use Volumio Offline. In past i used CMUS for this, and work fine, but with the new version of Volumio (or HiFiBerry, i don’t know who is the guilty) CMUS do not reproduce Audio.

I can use the program, select the song and put in play, but i don’t listen nothing. With Volumio Web View works.

I think it’s a config problem of CMUS (ALSA problem, possibly?), but i can’t find any config file of this program.

Any help, please? :slight_smile:

(sorry for my English).



Sorry, don’t know CMUS. Your best bet is to look in mpd.conf in the alsa section and use the same parameter to play from CMUS

Thanks a lot, when i found Alsa Section?