HIFI Portable modular soundbar


i am currently (trying to) building a HIFI soundbar.
the reason i chose to use a raspberry pi with volumio is that i wanted to be able to run very high quality music, be able to just turn on the music with my phone without al the crap you have with bluetooth (low quality music, streaming my phones internet, music stops when someone calls, cant use phone for other media stuff when listening music, annoying notification sounds etc. etc.)

however i do want to be able to do it ALL, bluetooth, aux in, usb in, and offcorse raspberry pi+volumio.
the main power of the system is a 12volt battery (because its portable), however i can use the main ac as well
its also gonna be able to charge my pfone via induction or usb, i am als planning on installing solar pannels.

i currently have a working experimental set-up consisting of

rpi 2 B
hifiberry dac+
12V 7,2Ah battery
230 ac to dc 12v dc converter/transformator: this one: store.accusafe.nl/voeding/voedin … r-12v-8-5a

Technische Specificaties: - 28/56bit DSP Engine - 24 bit ADC/DAC resolution - 48kHz sampling rate - Unbalanced inputs switchable with a jumper between 0.9Vrms and 2Vrms - Unbalanced outputs: Max 0.9Vrms - Digital Audio input/outputs via I2S - Nichicon Muse Audiophile capacitors - Volume control by potentiometer on 3pin header - 5pin, 2.54mm pitch header for panel mount USB connector - Plug&Play USB driver and real time Software configuration using miniDSP plug-ins - Device does not required a PC once configured - USB self powered device and wide range of DC power options (4.5 to 24VDC)

2x maxamp20:
Gewicht [kg] 0.0800
Kleur Zwart
Media Nee
Model MaxAmp20 JST-PH
Afmetingen [BxHxD] Nee
Kanalen 2
Max. Vermogen [W] 250
Nominaal Vermogen [W RMS] 22
Ingangsspanning [V] 4.5-14
THD+N: 0,1% bij 4 ohm 0.04
Max. Stroom [A] 5.5
Gain 29.5
Dynamisch bereik [dB] 99
Frequentie bereik [Hz] 10 - 20000

it currently runs on a 12V 7.2Ah battery, and i can also switch to main ac
i am still in the test fase of the build.

i am having some (jitter?) noise issues that are comming from the power suply.
Currently the raspberry is powered by an ac to dc adapter.
So i am trying to figure out how to get a 5v power supply coming from the 12v battery with very low noise.
i also need to filter the noise comming from 230 ac to dc 12v dc converter/transformator

i am also looking to replace The DAC to a better one (like the allo boss dac) with onboard powersuply filteration

so if you guys have any suggestions to my problems please feel free to help me out!

thanks in advance!
speaker aanzicht1.jpg
image (1).jpg

it has an integrated battery charger as well.
the reason for the modules is because i wanna be able to take it outside as well, so im gonne make 2 sets of speakersboxes, when going outside i take the low budget/quality speakers and at home i use the high quality ones.

artist impressions are made in rhinod3
speaker aanzizcht 4.jpg
speaker aanzicht 3.jpg