Hi all. I’m Rich, live in South West UK.

I just set up Volumio on a Raspberry Pi B 2, having tried on a Pi Zero but found it very laggy. Interesting, because I then put openELEC on the Pi Zero and it runs great - I’d have expected openELEC to need more grunt than Volumio.

I’m using NFS share from the family server, have a Spotify Premium account hooked up and a custom radio list. Music plays via USB into an Aune T1 DAC/headphone amp, and from there (if not using headphones) into a cheapo SMSL T1 amp and even cheaper Wharfedale Diamond 9 speakers.

The idea is to be able to use Volumio from any of several computers without having to be logged into any specific one, but at the moment I have a problem with wired and wireless devices seeing each other.

I also fancy building a Pi-based pomodoro timer using LEDs and a couple of switches, maybe a 2-line display. It would use the Volumio API to start and stop music according to the pomodoro. Probably will never get round to it though.

[Edit for a bit more detail]