Hi - Please tell me why Volumio is better than Rune

Hi all

I’m edincleve and new to this forum.

I’ve been using Rune audio for about 6 months and it works ok, but I have heard that Volumio is better.

I’m not necessarily doubting that, I’d just like to know why I should put Volumio on my Raspberry Pi 3 / HiFi Berry Digi+?


I might not be the most objective testimony out there but…

Some reasons:

  • Better spotify integration
  • Better sound (that’s IMHO, of course)
  • Easier to connect to a wireless network
  • Easier to mount a NAS
  • You can see all albumarts
  • You can browse by artists, album or genres, also in a nice grid view
  • The UI is waaay more beautiful
  • We’re a very proactive community

But… I would be really happy if you could test by yourself. And I will be really glad to see if you think that Volumio is better than Rune, and if yes, why…

Talk soon!


PS: welcome!

So far for me at least, Volumio simply doesn’t work.

Roon is very easy to configure for a variety of hardware without having to be a Linux expert.

I had Roon up and running in nothing flat, using the HDMI port as the sound output. Changing to a DAC connected via USB is about as easy as it gets.

Volumio doesn’t seem to list all the sound output options in the provided drop down, only PCH.

I’d love to actually hear what it can do, but so far, nothing. Perhaps when it is installing and detecting hardware it could actually locate the HDMI sound option since it doesn’t seem to have a problem providing video via that same HDMI connector.

I think you’re confusing two different sogtwares
I assume you’re using an X86 PC, right? If yes, to set the hdmi, could you tell us what kind of motherboard\PC you have?

The question was about Rune compared to Volumio not Roon!

If people would only try first before claiming it does not work :wink:
Plug an external DAC into a USB port and … :astonished: :astonished: … it shows up in the list.
Then you can hear what Volumio sounds like…