Hi! my old-new radio a few years older then me - help me add gpio buttons

This is my radio which stay me after father, it was really cool radio in those time, it has 12 tubes and 3 motors - for remote controls. All works as new, but no radio now in those ranges. I decided to gift for it a new life.https://youtu.be/jwuL-1U1IQE
I tested it with an another player, but it not have stability, stop and reset itself.
I want to use Volumio, but for its need as minimum 8-10 Gpio pins for switching “diapasons” - playlists webradio. In Volumio Gpio pins can choose only fixing “buttons” isnt it? As play, stop, rew or forward… Can I tune it for choosing my webradio playlist?


This is beautiful!

If you explain what you want to do with GPIOs I can try to help

Thanks! This radio has 7 bands - I need to have 7 playlists webradios and 2 buttons NEXT & PREVIOUS for tunning stations inside band (playlist).
This is “Program minimum” for me. I made special redundant microswitches for each button. They all commute the “ground”.

for Next/Previous won’t be a problem, you can connect the switch to one of the available GPIOs on Raspberry Pi, then enable the “GPIO Buttons” plugin, configuring it according the GPIO you selected.

For the other 7 playlist/webradio, from HW point of view it will not be a problem, but I don’t know if a plugin for triggering the playback of something predefined already exists.

In Volumio I can’t find it. In MoOde I use a command

and made file for each button “41m.sh” “31m.sh” etc… Which include a few line code :

! /bin/sh

mpc clear
mpc load 41m
mpc play

after chmod +x