Hi, I'm new - how to use a NAD DAC1

Hello from Denmark
I have a NAD DAC1, which comprises two units - a USB device and the DAC. A direct, dedicated wireless connection transmits the digital music from the USB device to the DAC, without using the routers wireless net. The USB device works as a USB soundcard.
The question is: will it work with a Raspberry PI running Volumio?
Did anybody try?

Hi and welcome!

The answer is: try it and let us know if it works!

Hi again

I’we tried the NAD DAC1 with volumio/Raspberry PI and it works. :smiley: It should be added to the list of USB DACs working with volumio/Raspberry PI. :exclamation:
I played both from wirebound radio and from a USB disk.
For some reason it did not work with my NAS disk, though. :nerd: