Hi, I'm Mike! (Ottawa)

Hello all,

About me: Spent last 10 years as recording/mastering engineer. Now I’m moreso interested in design (systems, interaction, etc).

Why I’m here: I’ve been working on several “from scratch” embedded-linux basedactive speaker systems (using Arch linux). Another link.

Volumio looks to be a great platform on which to build such a system (DSP active speakers).

With a few changes under the hood – and expanding the web Gui accordingly – Volumio could be made into a full-featured DSP preamp / crossover / room correction device - just add (DIY?) speakers. A ton of people are using jRiver right now on big x86 computers because they think they have to - it’d be nice to give them a different option! That said, x86 support would be easy and can be necessary in situations where you require lower latency @ maximum resampling quality, want to use a PCI(E) soundcard, etc.

I already have working nicely on the rpi2:

  • jack
  • default alsa sound card is the jack input
  • zita-LRX crossover w/ up to 8 outputs
  • jconvolver (stereo room correction)
  • jost (ladspa plugins)
  • full-duplex usb audio (stereo): analog or spdif
  • RT kernel (github.com/emlid/linux-rt-rpi)

Working on arch, not Volumio (easy-ish?):

  • Bluetooth audio receiver (bluez4 through alsa loopback, or bluez5 through pulse)
  • x86/pcie/rt combo gives crazy low latency (<2ms roundtrip) analog loopback

Thanks devs for the good software! I’m going to take a look around these forums tomorrow and hope to “get to know you” all then.