hi from Philippines!

I’m arcz from Philippines! well this is my first dive as RPi user, I love music and love music equipment, I am looking for a decent DAC and came across a DAC made with RPi, and I have a spare RPi lying around here, a RPi 3 B+ to be exact and I immediately look for a I2S DAC and found this https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32578926616.html I ordered it immediately, and currently now waiting for it to arrive.

For the meantime, i already downloaded Volumio, flash it to my Sd card and run it in my RPi, Im just now using the default audio jack 3.5mm.

Gonna ask you guys, will the DAC I ordered is a good one? will it be compatible with my RPi? and how to connect with this setup if I have an external equipment that I want to run through with this DAC eg. a laptop or DVD player.

Thank you guys!

The Dac you ordered is a HifiBerry clone and it will work nicely (maybe not Audiophile stuff, but works) , install it as an “HifiBerry Dac plus”
If you have an USB Cd/Dvd player use “NanoSound CD” plugin or signup for a MyVolumio Plan which also includes CD support

A few years ago I ordered 10 RPIs + Pifi DACs + SD Cards from China to sell , but unfortunately I didn’t sell one of them :astonished: , used most of them my self and gave the rest away as gifts (with Volumio installed) :smiley:

Lot of thanks bro for answering my questions, and for the headsup on how to install it. I am excited for this to arrive. Is there similar setup here on the forum as my own, can’t find a reference.

Hello,welcome aboard

Hello! Nice to meet you, been to your country couple of times.

Hello!Welcome aboard