Hi from Holland

My name is Redmer and I’m from the north of Holland.

Have volumio running since a year or so with initially my Harman & Kardon HK-51 receiver and my homebuilt Axton AX-80 speakers through a Hifiberry DAC+ but replaced the HK with a SMSL 36a pro and that sounded amazing ! (and still does, the HK is standing useless ever since)

Got spotify connect running with a lot of trouble but worked great !

Recently installed Volumio 2 the plugin system is great as I had spotify connect running in no-time.

Replaced the Hifiberry with a Allo Kali + Piano and am very content with this setup !!!

And, have my 30 year old cassette transistor radio withaPI running volumio in it too, great little internet radio for in the shed !