Hi from CT (USA)

quimbo (Jay) here. I recently purchased an Allo USBridge Signature streamer and chose the Volumio option, no specific reason. It turned out to be a prudent choice due to the Volusonic plugin existing and me already having a SubSonic Premium account

My music is spread across multiple (redundant) 6 and 8 TB external hard drives and this is what I have cataloged:

8,617 artists
12,438 albums
223,019 songs
11155.66 GB
25,950 hours

The integration with the Volusonic plug-in means I can delay upgrading to a NAS as the FLAC streams directly from the external hard drives.

Many of the ‘artists’ are specific concerts. I am one of the developers at LossLess Legs - https://www.shnflac.net - A bit torrent web site that has close to 50,000 torrents of artists that support the free electronic trading of their recorded music. The site started out as a Jerry Garcia / Grateful Dead centric site but has expanded to over 1600 documented artists. Feel free to join, someone reaches out once you sign up I believe. Very laid back site, no ratios, no politics, usually new Charlie Miller Dead releases start out here as well as lots of other music.

My personal live music list can be found in the 5 sublists at etreedb - https://etreedb.org/quimbo

I play my music from the Allo Streamer --> Schiit BiFrost MB (USB Gen 5) DAC --> Bellari SE560 Sonic Exciter --> Schiit Mini Loki Tone Control - Schiit Lyr 3 Amp.

(Currently have about 20 different tubes and presently using a Melz 1963)

The Lyr 3 goes to JBL 308P MkII Studio Monitors. For headphones I have AKG 240K Sextett MPs, Sennheiser 250 Linear and Sennheiser HD540 Reference. My xmas present to myself - Aeon Closed 2 - are on their way

Happy to be here, q

very nice system and huge collection, I am no where hear that :open_mouth: