Hi from Atlanta

My interest in Volumio started from building DIY speakers from Linkwitz Labs ( Pluto, still used with a iPod music player, LXmini, and LX521). Once you start listening to great speakers, you start looking up stream to the music source.
Currently I am using a NAS for music source and Raspberry Pi 2 with Hifi Digi sending digital output to a MiniDSP, followed by a four channel amplifier to drive the a set of LXMinis. Perfect for listening in our family room.

I recently migrated from Volumio 1.51 to the most recent Volumio 2 version. Finally found how to stream FIP ( an eclectic French Radio Station at chai5she.cdn.dvmr.fr/fip-midfi.mp3 ).

There is a learning curve to get everything working, but having a web UI and being able to configure the music sources and output to your need is great. With a bit of searching and experimenting, it is really nice when it all comes together and works very well.

Happy listening.



Hiya Mike, & welcome :slight_smile:.