Help with Wifi

So I just installed Volumio on a raspberry pi 2, and could connect to it via ssh using wired network.
I made changes to /etc/network/interfaces and added my ssid and network password, so that I could use my usb network adaptor.

I then checked my router admin page and can see that the router has assigned a IP address on wireless.

When I log into the volumio webpage and check the network settings I can see an IP address for both wired and wireless networks.

But whenever I reboot the raspberry pi (removed wired network) using only the wireless usb network adaptor. I cannot access volumio on the network.

Volumio only assigns a IP address to the wireless if both the wired and wireless is plugged in.

Can someone please assist me


I have managed to edit - /etc/network/interfaces

I get the wireless working,

But whenever I power down the Raspberry Pi 2, and then check it again, all the editing has disappeared.

It reverts back to the original information in the file.

Does someone, know why this happens.

Why are you editing files instead of using our UI?
Configure your wifi from the UI’s network settings and it will work