help with wifi dongle

hey , just got my pi2

cant make my wifi dongle work

tplink 8818eu

please help with with config + drivers

thanks :slight_smile:

follow the tutorial here:

10x for the help

ill try it later

im on 3.18.5

seems there isnt drivers for this

any other options ?

my advice is just buy the edimax wifi dongle; works like a charm.
i too myself owned the tp-link dongle before, for me all the hassle to make it work just not worth it, it’s better to buy the proven dongle and spend the time enjoying the music. :slight_smile:

well , in the end the raspberry will cost me more money then a small pc .

lol :wink:

Your call then… :slight_smile:
I don’t know how much raspberry pi and wifi dongle priced in your country but in my place where everything is super expensive, total investment for my raspberry pi and wifi dongle definitely cheaper than small pc.

there is a driver for 3.18.5 but not for the pi2 … … &start=500

Here is my post, I use TP-link on Rpi2, works very good, stable, and connection speed is ok, download about 800kb/s