Help with Spotify plugin - Can't log in after reset and reinstall

Hey all, I’m new to Volumio and am having an issue with Spotify. I had everything working with my Pi 3, then installed in a lectern style case with the 7" display. After that Spotify no longer appeared in my menu. I could see that it was installed, but I had no way to access it. I rebooted, re-installed the plugin, and finally did a reset. Before I did the reset I removed the app from my Spotify account. My plan was to simply start over and see if I could get it working. I did the reset, reinstalled the Spotify plugin, enabled it and tried to enter my login. It now errors out, but I see no way to fire off the Spotify app authorization process. Any help would be appreciated.




You’re not alone…

Thanks for that. Figures it would stop working the day I get everything put together. sigh

Well, I’ll try the Pandora plugin and start ripping my CD collection. Onward and upward!



Same here - just removed the plugin, reinstalled, checked account credentials, but no luck… login fails miserably.

Same Problem for me.

Already reinstalled, factory wiped all one could imagine and the problem persists over a week now.
Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Check the other thread that has been linked several times

Thank you :+1: