Help with NFS Share on WD Mycloud

Today I got my Volumio Rapsberry working.

The only thing that is not doing as it should is the nfs share.
I have a WD MyCloud mirror NAS with all my Music on it.
but I get the error message “Access denied”
I don’t really know what to do or try anymore (and what to put in the fields exactly).

Any help is Appreciated

Best Regards

2019-11-19 14_10_51-Window.png
2019-11-19 14_11_08-Window.jpg

I have a NAS built from RPI, so not sure my knowledge will help you, but just incase:

In setting up my RPI NAS, on the ‘MyMusic’ tab screen you display, I note you don’t have a username and password that would allow you to log into the NAS. All of the NAS devices I’ve used require a username and password, and it would be the one that you would normally use to access the NAS.

You will also need to know the location on your NAS (the directory structure) where your music is stored. Mine is stored on /media/Entertainment/Music, but this is specific to my RPI NAS - your’s would be different.

So, in addition to specifying the username, password, I have to give the directory structure for where my music is located, and that goes into the ‘Path’ on the MyMusic field when setting u the ‘Add New Device’ for your NAS.

On my RPI NAS, I also have an entry in the /etc/fstab for the drive with the mount point of /media/Entertainment/Music. It’s located my drive at: /media/Entertainment/Music. I don’t know whether this applies to your NAS or not.

One other thing I noticed on your displayed page: for your Path, you are showing /Volume_1\hellheim (I think), with a ‘’. So you’ve got two different ‘’ and ‘/’ in your path. I don’t know if that’s correct for your NAS, but it wouldn’t work for mine: it would have to be /Volume_1/hellheim

Hope that helps; it’s about all I have!