Help with crashes

My Volumio is a Raspberry Pi B with a HiFiBerry Digi+.

This works very well, but it crashes way to often. I can’t put an exact time on this, but if I leave it on overnight, it’s crashed by morning. I restarted it before heading to work this morning, and it’s dead tonight. Unplugging and plugging in the power is sufficient to restore it to life.

What should I look for in trying to debug this? Is there a log or something that I could examine? Any ideas?


Unplugging without doing a proper shutdown risks corrupting the file system (which could be the cause of the instability). It’s worth burning a new image to see if this fixes things. It’s also worth trying a new sd card, as they have a limited life, and start doing strange things when they approach end of life. Another thing to try is replacing your power supply.

The log files are written to /var/log. However, I believe this is mounted on a memory-resident (tmpfs) file system, so does not survive a power cycle. You’d have to change /etc/fstab to mount it somewhere else if you want to look at the log files from before the crash.

I appreciate all of that.

Once the system has crashed, though, whatever damage has already been done, correct?

(When it crashes, it’s the whole system that’s gone. Can’t ssh into it either.)

when it crashes a file on the file system gets corrupted keeping the device from booting.
Most of these problem have a weak power supply as the root cause.