help with alarm-clock

Hi Guys,
Reconnecting with volumio after a long break. Very excited, it’s looking GREAT, nice work.

Got pi+dac+volumio-2.310 (latest release)
I’m trying to use the alarm feature, and hitting a couple of glitches.
Maybe I’m doing something wrong, please feel free to point it out!

Want to do 2 things:

  1. Play a radio stream on “wake-up” time (tested stream & it works)
  2. Stop radio stream after 1hr just to tidy up & let the amp-power down (using "Amplifier Switch plugin)(v.nice).

Can’t seem to get item 1 to work (others say “fixed” but I can’t add a webradio to a playlist.
There doesn’t seem to be an option for item 2, although lots of references in the code (but i’m rubbish & don’t see how to adjust it).

(Going to use the command line and cron for now, but would like the right answer eventually!)

Open to suggestions, thanks v.much.
Lee (bursifer)

(self-help is not unknown in my house)

Anyway, I found a way to make the playlist to contain a web radio station…
Cheated a bit by adding it to my “favourites” just to get the file content format. I remembered from ages ago that I was v.happy to use mpc and mpd directly, manually manipulating playlists all the time, so not too tricky.
So I looked in /data/playlist/ and /data/favourites/ & compared files there.
Created the playlist “pr” (planetrock) & used the web API to play it:

sudo curl “volumio.local:3000/api/v1/commands/?cmd=playplaylist&name=pr”
sudo curl “volumio.local:3000/api/v1/commands/?cmd=stop”

Now I have my CRON jobs, just need to get the “right answer” as mentioned in original post.
Just LOVING volumio.
Any help very gratefully received.