Help with 20 x 4 lcd screen

Hello ive just started a hifi build im using a 1987 double cassette player for the case, i have a raspberry pi 4 and a hifiberry amp 2 i have the rotary encoder working and the gpio buttons but im having trouble with the lcd i bought this one i know it says its not for raspberry pi but ive seen them working on pis, now ive looked everywhere online in how to install a screen but im very confused, i know how its wired just need to know which phyhon to use, im not a complete noob but not great lol plus i will need it to display mpd and spotify thanks for your help

Try to control LCD by python

I did see that and i cant seem to get it to work? Have you used this guide?

I used this guide but I forgot to little modification in this link
may be this is your problem.
Or more describe your problem.

Still didn’t work i get a error message saying bad message? And the print out is missing ‘=’ dont get it?