Help setting up Volumio with touchscreen and IR remote

i have these

So how do i access the logs or what i mean is if i use SSH on my laptop make it much easy to work. So first it ask me to login and then do i type in /dev or livelog

I added a media player to another Pi 4.

Now looking into adding a IR receiver to power on/off the Pi.

I found this here

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install lirc

$ sudo mv /etc/lirc/lirc_options.conf.dist /etc/lirc/lirc_options.conf

$ sudo apt-get install lirc

how to edit this

driver = default

device = /dev/lirc0

$ sudo mv /etc/lirc/lircd.conf.dist /etc/lirc/lircd.conf



#dtoverlay=gpio-ir-tx, gpio_pin=18

$ sudo systemctl stop lircd.service

$ sudo systemctl start lircd.service

$ sudo systemctl status lircd.service

$ sudo reboot

$ sudo systemctl stop lircd.service

$ sudo mode2 -d /dev/lirc0

point remote to ir receiver and press button

and exit

How would i clean or edit this to work out right

now that i have the player up and running on my pi 4 how do i get a remote running on it. I bought the two Apple remotes that it has list in the plugins but as i tried both remotes. A1156 and A2195 they still don’t work. i saved and rebooted the player.

No, you don’t type /dev - I meant the volumio.local/dev page from the browser… Try visiting it and seeing if things become a bit clearer.

Given the amount of things you have been trying to install, you would be much better of flashing a new SD card and starting again.

I have two Apple remotes A1156 and A1294 like it shows in the “IR Remote Controller.” that shows the remotes in settings here
I tried each of the Apple remotes and save/ rebooted and nothing happen.
So how do i get to the IR remote Configurations to get the remote going on the player.