Help setting up Volumio with touchscreen and IR remote


Have a look at the IR Remote Controller plugin (category “Accessories”). The choice of available remote profiles is a little limited though.

I’m using the remotePi board which not only has a button for powering the Pi on and off but an IR sensor, too. This also allows to power on/off by IR remote and can be used to receive IR commands to control player functions. I have written the remotePi plugin you can find in the plugin category “Miscellanea”. It is needed to control powering down the Pi by the remotePi board.

There are probably other solutions, but I can’t comment on them.

First question, when installing the IR Remote configuration in the Volumio and they show they selected remotes that work, will that also power off the Raspberry Pi 4 device or just shut down the player.

Second question is, how do i access the (terminal window ) window on the raspberry Pi 4 and what is the right steps to install lirc to add a IR Control sensor for a remoter to power the Pi 4 on/off

For some of the remotes (Atrix Remote, JustBoom IR Remote, Odroid Remote, Samsung AA59-00431A, Samsung_BN59-006XXA, Xiaomi IR for TV box and Yamaha RAV363) a key has been bound to a command to shutdown the complete system (have a look at the lircrc files, you can inspect here). The other remote configurations allow (amongst others) to stop playback.

Connect to Volumio via SSH as decribed here.

LIRC will be already installed by the IR remote controller plugin.

I have another Pi 4 that i had created the Kodi media to player on my tv, instead of dvd i have MP4s.
So, i been looking at heatsinks, Copper and Aluminum heatsinks. What would be cooler to use on the Pi 4

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Yes, but IMHO there’s barely a need for doing so as you have access to Volumio via SSH and SFTP.

So, the player is up and running i got my flash drive in with 461 mp3 songs.
I have a soundbar mounted to the wall… It has three channels on it, Audio 1 for the radio and Audio 2 for the Music player. The music sounds good just the normal audio jack on the Raspberry Pi 4. Put i hears things about the HiFi DAC HAT. How good is the sound when connected to the HiFi HAT.
How good is the sound from the HiFiBerry DAC HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro

do anyone of these two remotes (Apple remote A1156
Apple remote A1294 work with Volumio

Every now and then there have been reports of problems with the Apple remotes. You find some more info here. Unfortunately the links in the post are broken but they all refer to other posts in the “[PLUGIN] IR Remote Controller feedback thread”.

How many boards can be added to the Raspberry Pi 4. I was looking into adding the HiFiberry and a board that would power the Pi itself on/off.

If i find an Apple remote that Volumio offers volumio remote Then i can shutdown the Volumio player but since it don’t turn off the Pi, I’m looking for a board that let u turn off the Pi board

The remotePi board I mentioned above can do this.

ABout powering the Pi 4 i need more length in cable to get it to where i need it. So, would something like this
and something like this to use?

Ok, today i got the Apple remote A1156 and A1294
Ok, I went over to ir remote configuration on Volumio and saved the remote configs and then restarted the player but nothing don’t happen, i tried the apple remote but nothing.that don’t work, what do i do go to the terminal window

logs! :slight_smile: they help figure out what is going on…

You can access them either from the /dev page using the livelog feature or via ssh.

# Volumio logs
journalctl -f

i have these

So how do i access the logs or what i mean is if i use SSH on my laptop make it much easy to work. So first it ask me to login and then do i type in /dev or livelog

I added a media player to another Pi 4.

Now looking into adding a IR receiver to power on/off the Pi.

I found this here

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install lirc

$ sudo mv /etc/lirc/lirc_options.conf.dist /etc/lirc/lirc_options.conf

$ sudo apt-get install lirc

how to edit this

driver = default

device = /dev/lirc0

$ sudo mv /etc/lirc/lircd.conf.dist /etc/lirc/lircd.conf



#dtoverlay=gpio-ir-tx, gpio_pin=18

$ sudo systemctl stop lircd.service

$ sudo systemctl start lircd.service

$ sudo systemctl status lircd.service

$ sudo reboot

$ sudo systemctl stop lircd.service

$ sudo mode2 -d /dev/lirc0

point remote to ir receiver and press button

and exit

How would i clean or edit this to work out right

now that i have the player up and running on my pi 4 how do i get a remote running on it. I bought the two Apple remotes that it has list in the plugins but as i tried both remotes. A1156 and A2195 they still don’t work. i saved and rebooted the player.

No, you don’t type /dev - I meant the volumio.local/dev page from the browser… Try visiting it and seeing if things become a bit clearer.

Given the amount of things you have been trying to install, you would be much better of flashing a new SD card and starting again.

I have two Apple remotes A1156 and A1294 like it shows in the “IR Remote Controller.” that shows the remotes in settings here
I tried each of the Apple remotes and save/ rebooted and nothing happen.
So how do i get to the IR remote Configurations to get the remote going on the player.

Would this also work with Volumio 3.179?

Don’t know what you mean specifically, but: The Touch Display plugin is available from the plugin store, the IR Controller plugin not yet.