Help on various issues


I’m a new user of the Raspberry Pi and Volumio. I have been using it for a few weeks already I have noticed a few issues that I hope someone can address.

  1. Spotify seems to have buffering issues. The songs are very choppy when played back. I have to pause for a while and let the song load before it continues playing smoothly. This happens to all songs. No problems when I try spotify in other devices like my PC, google chromecast, and smart phone. This issue makes spotify in volumio not useable at all.

  2. Also on Spotify… when I press “go to artist” or “go to album” it doesn’t lead me to it. Just a blank screen.

  3. I store my music files in an external hard disk attached via USB. I recently deleted some music files but it still shows up in the albums list. Even with a rescan/update and even a factory reset, it still detects the albums/files I deleted.

  4. I also got jpeg pics of the albums I have and copied it in the folder of the particular album so that volumio can display the album cover. It is displayed properly when viewed in the files section but can’t be viewed under albums and artists section.

Hope someone can help with these issues. Thanks.


Hi Vlad,

Welcome to the community.

Would you care to describe your setup please? What version of the Pi and image are you using and which DAC (if any)?
This might help troubleshooting.

The Spotify problems might be caused by fading support by Spotify itself, a new implementation is prone to be released this year (since support will end). The problems with Spotify are worse on Pi1 than Pi2 or 3; this might help you.

As for the library issues, this is weird indeed, I would like to think that factory reset will clear the MPD database, but maybe something went wrong. Can you post the journal entries from the times you tried to rescan?

Thanks for the response.

My current setup is Raspberry pi3 with Hifiberry Dac+ Pro. I’m using the latest version of Volumio 2.246

I was hoping there would be a solution and continued support for Spotify for Volumio.

Where can I find the journal entries?