Help Needed: no audio from ES9023 DAC

Hi there,
Recently I bought a ES9023 board, … 1800219703.

Did the board configuration as requested by the vendor.

Using SSH, first we download this storeroom
1.sudo apt-get install alsa-utils

Edit this file:
1.sudo nano /etc/modules

Adding the content below, store them by “Ctrt+X”

Restart the board

  1. sync
  2. sudo reboot

I tapped the Raspberry Pi 2 GPIO pins 2 and 6 for 5V and GND to power the ES9023 board.

I also configured the Volumio to enable the I2S DAC and set the DAC type to Hifiberry DAC

There isn’t any audio out from the RCA jacks although the HDMI audio is working.

Any advice is much appreciated.

Ok, I have solved my own problem. :slight_smile:

The DAC is working beautifully now. :laughing:

Could you share how you did that?

Sure thing. The instructions provided in my first post is meant for the Raspberry Pi B model. I ditched all of that and configured the board as though it was a Hifiberry DAC. :sunglasses: